strilek records






strange people into depth



it's like flames

it's like secret wish

it's like blood

heaven is blue

in your head is blood

heaven is neverending

your head is empty

heaven is coloured suicide

blood is coloured suicide

my minds ?

my blood ?

my hand - suicide colour

somethimes fell empty

somethimes fell your hand

like coloured suicide

heaven is neverending

i'm is empty!

like coloured suicide !




i meets you on my way

in my dreams

come with me

let's walk by fire

i never can to say

what is done in you

if i'm touchin' you

i feel your heat.

i meets you in my dreams

i meets you ever

i've got that injection

all around me is empty,

and the children

plays on the ground.

i'm leaving alone by my car

to some far away.

i wanna only

the piece of silence

i ever listen

the wrong informations

and all around me

get's to decay.

i meets it ever

in the silence of your room.

the glass is falling

against the wall

and breaking self

in to the drops.

like my brain!!

i meets it in my dreams

like the big tumour

which doesn't been cut

only children plays

on the ground

i feel it comes

in my footsteps.




it's hard

it's no compromise

it's dark

it's like your real world

no more hope, no more chance

no more tears in the rain

last chance on the stairway

its dangerous games

last chance for the closers

i feel just a last touch of death

believe me,i need your breath

to feel on my face

vivious victims

sit down on upstairs

boys and girls

its dangerous games!

no more hope,no more chance

no more tears in the rain

its dangerous games

new hope,new hope........



when i search for you

i feel my way

you're there

whith your half closed eyes

i break out through the silence

break out on outside

and all the whiles makes

the distance grows

between you and me

in this moment

while this darkness

all around me

whenever are heaven's

doors shut 


i break out through the silence

between you and me

and all the whilles mames

the distance grows

never look back !

i'm there

with my half closed eyes

i can hear

the distand thunder

all around your self.



this is your picture

your picture in this house

so here is the kingdom !

something what you feel

in your eyes

it comes in the night too

you always calling it

you stript yourself

you dressing something new

you feel, like your voice

is changing

you see your picture

you feel your own arms

this is the last day

the last eyes

the look in your back

this is the last dream

it comes in the night too

do you hear this sound ?

come to him

and try to feel it !




i'm just lying on my bed

and i look'n up feeling

like a piece of frozen fish

i'm waiting for something

do you thing

i'm going to wriggle

it is pine today wide

i'm looking at your eyes

like a piece of frozen fish

i'm not like flames

i'm cold like ice

open your eyes and look at us !

something i feel death !

the wind is going to catch me

i'm is inside me - like a dust

like a piece of nam meat

your revenge of blood

is begining !

i'm looking back to see

what is behind me

i can see your wide eyes

it is inside me - like a dust

like a piece of frozen fish



i'm doing when i mised you,

i'm get to sleep

and waking up for dreams

for believing

when there is a sense

in my working.

i have in front of my eyes

the next visions

vision of the sun,

vision of the rain,

vision of the stars sky,

vision of the sadness,

and disappointed

and neverending luck.

the tree in bloom

in the garden of the dreams

is breathing and embracing

i think i'll manage,

to be supple to you

when you carres me i always feel

the sensation

of neverending desire

it's beautifull,

when the star is falling down

and then i have the biggest

chance to realize...

when the time on earth

in sea and time in soul

divide the past from the present,

and then have

the biggest chance to realize

when the tree into bloom

is breathing and embracing

the time on earth

time in sea and time in soul....