strilek records






strange people - pact



they closed us

in to the big white boxes

they erase all

from our heads

and they started

to feed us like dogtin

i didn't believe

when somebody help me

i didn't wait

for when the tin mask

will fallin' down from my face...



oh my god

i feel when the world is dead

i feel so deadly cold

i wanna jump in to the sea

and see like sharks

draw my body to blood

and listen only crazy smile

of trees

which are falling to water

and then to go down till

on the bottom of the sea

and look like

the last lines of sun


the surface of water.



close your eyes

when i can see you

it will be enough

to feelin' you

tell me something

give me your arm

teach me to feelin' too

try to find me

in the darkness

give me your arm

and try to rescue me

il will be enough

to feelin' you

by barbed wire

close your eyes

and try to destroy it

i feel it all

you are longing traped

by barbed wire


take me in your arms

this could makes you cry

when you close your eyes

i'll talk to you

the sweet words

we have nothing to lose

the time for love

and the time for cry

my child

your house exploded

it will creep

under the skin-like needle

something strange

is in my heart

i have my own angel

i'm close to him

i feel close to heaven

we have nothing to lose

the piece of space

the time for love

and the time for hate

should i feel something ?

mother hide me in your arms

like little child...



i do not faith of my ears

all around me beats

i do not faith of my body

all around me warming

i do not faith of my soul

all around me is so cold

i do not faith of my eyes

all arond us is for cry

and through the eyelid

slowing down the rain

and sun,and sky,and moon

are here so close to me..

like the prisoner of thinks

squiring by walls

the boxes of glass

in my mind

beatin' by sledge hammer

through our conscience



fascination dream

in my head

walking dead man

my stigmata in your soul

feeling night wind!

i'm feeling rain

on my bloody skin

my name is puz!

feeling depth in my head

in my room

in my brain

this melody

playing in my head

it's like flying birds

it's like burning heart!

sometimes fell your soul

my name is revenge

my name is pus

my name is strange

i'm walking

on hands of creatures!

walking dead man

walking revenge!

cry without sound

in your room